Chris guested on Return to Oz Minute for five episodes:

Episode 23: Mark Curry chicken

Episode 24: Where did Kansas go?

Episode 25: The Deaduhly Desert

Episode 26: The most important meal of the day

Episode 27: Dark forest ham

You can find his radio show Notes From the Underground on Simmons College Radio. Listen most Mondays during the school year! Check out the show on Twitter @NotesFTU. There’s also a Facebook group! You can also follow him on Twitter @PCChrisC.

Thomas (Tierney’s partner in crime from Neverending Minute) came armed with puns and jokes for a momentous week. He’s on Twitter at @thewookielives and @NevEndMin

Episode 38: Mrs. Hen and Mr. Tok

Episode 39: Marching Minute

Episode 40: A terrible fierce revelation

Episode 41: …He did

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