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Episode 110: This is the end, the end of our elaborate podcast

November 22, 2017

Episode 110! It’s over, it’s done (wrong show). We made it, you made it, it’s the day before Thanksgiving 2017 CE for those in the distant future listening to this and we’re thankful for all the support, and listeners, and comments. It’s been a tremendous ride from Kansas, past Franklin, to Cottonwood Falls to Oz and back!

You’re all wonderful and we can’t express our appreciation enough for sticking with us on this labor of love.

I’m @mikecarlucci and Tierney is @onesteelesister on the social networks. This is the end for now but we have a few ideas up our sleeves to keep the podcast alive in the new year. And of course, over on the Flying Sofa the discussion never stops.

Thanks to Pete and Alex for kicking all of this off and the entire Movies by Minutes (MxM) community for letting us be a small part of this universe.

weaugh teaugh peaugh

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