About Us

"Why doesn't the sofa go first..."

Return to Oz Minute is a daily podcast about the strangest Wizard of Oz sequel

Following in the footsteps of Star Wars Minute, each episode of the podcast covers one minute of the 80’s classic Return to Oz. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, RSS or in the podcast application of your choice.

Who are we? Is that a chicken with us?

Mike Carlucci – @mikecarlucci

Mike Carlucci saw Return to Oz before The Wizard of Oz and never looked at culture or sofas the same way. It probably also was responsible for his fascination with American McGee’s Alice a dark weird video game that features Alice returning to Wonderland.

Tierney Steele – @onesteelesister

Tierney Steele’s hobbies growing up included having an over-active imagination, making up wild stories, and talking to her dog. Instead of leaving her in an insane asylum, par parents told her to be a librarian. She aspires to one day be an honorary member of the Royal Army of Oz or the next George Lucas, whichever’s easier.

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